How We Got 3 Mobile Teams working better together across the country.

Three Mobile is undergoing significant organisational change and four of their senior leadership teams had strategic away days planned to work on upcoming challenges.

In running uplifting singing workshops at the end of each day, our brief was to strengthen the sense of shared endeavour and facilitate an open and collaborative atmosphere.

Prior to each session, we undertook a detailed consultation with the team leader in order to fully understand the group, and what approach they were likely to respond well to. No two groups are the same, and in gaining a thorough understanding of the group we were able to shape a programme that brought together the right musical leader, material, and approach.

Confidence levels, age and style of working together all varied across the four sites. The location itself also came into play; a session in Glasgow was held in the directors’ box at Hampden Park Stadium and we created our own (tongue-in-cheek) version of the famous ‘Hampden roar’.

We ended each session with an informal ‘performance’ of what we’ve learned to non-participants. This helped focus the group and ensured maximum engagement right up until the final moment.

The participants ended their away days feeling more engaged, connected and with a strong sense of support from each other and from management. While many were apprehensive at the start, everyone felt very proud and positive afterwards, as shown in the photo below (black words are before and green after).