a Lloyds Banking Group case study, 2019


In spring 2019 Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) contracted on:song to run a six month program that saw weekly choir sessions in five of their strategic sites around the country, culminating in a performance at the end of the year.

Storytelling team to create promo materials

The LBG storytelling (in-house communications) team came up with the name Tune IN for the overall project, and on:song worked closely with them team to develop logos, imagery and copy, and then a range of promotional materials that were used to raise awareness of the project:

  • Pop up banners

  • Pdf brochures

  • Flyers

Screenshot 2019-07-02 at 12.42.15.png


Communication is done through the LBG internal staff system, Hive, which hosts all the session info, messages, and all promotional material. It is also the place where participants could leave feedback on the sessions, which is great for generating a fantastic feeling of positivity and community spirit amongst participants. 

Each area was appointed an ambassador, a representative ‘on the ground’ who was the go-to point of contact for room bookings, access and general logistics. They were also key to drumming up local support and participation in each area.  

Promo events

On:song were invited to an LBG Hackathon in Manchester and a Mental Health Awareness week event in Edinburgh towards the beginning of the project, running workshops to offer a taster of the session help raise awareness and drumming up support for the weekly sessions.

Reboot Hackathon Manchester, July 2019

Reboot Hackathon Manchester, July 2019

Weekly sessions

Weekly rehearsals took place in:

  • Edinburgh

  • West Yorkshire

  • Manchester

  • London 

  • Bristol

George Bell and Nick Rasle in Bristol, July 2019

George Bell and Nick Rasle in Bristol, July 2019

Sessions are delivered by expert on:song facilitators local to each venue. Sessions take place at lunchtime so as not to eat into employees personal time, for 60 minutes between midday and 1pm. LBG provide suitable office or breakout spaces, although in some instances as the groups grew they moved to nearby churches. 

Warmup rounds in the atrium at LBG West Yorkshire, July 2019

Warmup rounds in the atrium at LBG West Yorkshire, July 2019


Weekly sessions are supported by on:song’s bespoke app, Audiate, allowing participants to access all individual part recordings, session notes and recordings, and a host of info to improve their singing. Whilst the focus is very much on rehearsals (at which phones are strictly not allowed) the app was widely recognised as having been instrumental in driving the progress of the groups and improving individual confidence. 


Filming and documenting

In order to thoroughly document the process, LBG have commissioned on:song to make a 10 minute film about the experience. On:song brought in their in house film team. Camera crews are visiting each of the locations in the lead up to the performance, capturing the choirs in action and documenting the experiences of individuals on their musical journey. To help supplement the material, participants are encouraged to document their own experiences on their phones, and then invited to submit these clips through the app.

Data and measuring

Through the app, and regular simple surveys via email, on:song are able to measure the effectiveness of the Tune In program, providing valuable insights for LBG and helping to strengthen the wellbeing and economic case for continuing of the project. 

Final performance

The weekly sessions are working towards a final performance, taking place in London in December, which brings together all the choirs to showcase their progress and celebrate their efforts. Every choir are invited to sing two pieces, and then all choirs will take to the stage to sing two pieces all together. The performances provide excellent focus for the weekly sessions and an exciting (and for many, a first) opportunity to perform.

A word from Lloyds

We were surprised and overwhelmed by the response to this program: the numbers of colleagues turning up and the subsequent volume of positive feedback received and in  some cases the instant recognition of the difference this had and was making to individual colleagues – to date this has exceeded all our expectations and continues to go from strength to strength.

 -Martin Roberts Mental Health Lead, Lloyds Banking Group