Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Do you have in place any programmes to mark Mental Health Awareness Week this year? At on:song we are offering a series of one-hour sessions to help improve mental health in your workplace.

Sadly, mental ill health in the workplace is on the rise and it is estimated 1 in 4 now suffer each year, and is now the most prevalent for the reason for time off amongst the UK workforce, costing the UK economy more than £8bn annually.

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The sessions draw on years of experience and considerable academic research, incorporating elements of group singing, mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises, with plenty of space for sharing thoughts and ideas and discussing the ways these exercises can be incorporated into daily life.

These sessions will help develop confidence and trust, and empower employees with a toolkit for becoming more resilient and coping with difficult or stressful times in life, and can accommodate anywhere from 3 to 100+ participants.

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Singing is recognised as being hugely beneficial for promoting positive mental health, with parallels to mindfulness and meditation, reducing stress, increasing self confidence and improving socialisation and moral. To find out more about the benefits of singing for mental health, see our recent blog article.

George Bell