Introducing Audiate

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An app for a choir? Yes!  From many years experience running choirs we know that even a small amount of practice each week, between sessions, can make a huge difference to building individual confidence and making the choir sound better, faster. 

Whilst making the individual part recordings available to choir members is far from revolutionary, we have seen countless times how even the most basic of barriers such as accessing Google Drive or Dropbox, not having the material on your phone, or not receiving reminders  can have a huge effect on overall engagement. So we decided to overcome this by creating Audiate, our custom built app offered freely to all on:song choirs.

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So what does audiate actually mean? Audiating relates to the process of ‘active listening’, which is proven to be almost as beneficial for learning as actually singing. Picture the bed you got out of this morning, think about it, that is seeing in you mind’s eye… and then think of the intro to ‘sweet child of mine’ (or any piece of music), and that’s hearing in your mind’s ear, or audiating.

Audiate has  user profiles and logins, all content is tailored to your choir, and there are a few key features to this app, the principal one being the individual part recordings. If you know the song you are singing, and you are singing the melody line, then you should be able to practice your part during the week from memory. However, if the piece is unknown to you or if you are singing a harmony, then solo practice becomes tricky. The musical score shows your part, but for people who can’t read music, a bit of help is required, which is where the individual part recordings come in, which allows you to listen to your part on its own, or in the context of all the other parts.  To make this all the more accessible, we have set the part recordings against a scrolling karaoke-style score, so you can follow where you are as you listen, genius!


Audiate also contains recordings of warmups and rounds, blogs, scores, session notes, pertinent info relating to your choir and performance, and a whole lot of tips and infos and recommendations on how to improve your technique and become a better singer. Importantly, you will also be sent a reminder to practise during the week.

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This may all sound like a lot, but in reality we singers that they aim to do around 15 minutes practice per week. This can be on the train, during your lunch break or even in the bath. If you can sing along as well that’s great, but you will still derive great benefit from just listening.  The more you do in your own time, the less repeating of notes and parts we have to do in the sessions, meaning the facilitator can cover more ground. You’ll be amazed at the speed of the progress your choir can make!

After the session your app gets updated with written notes or a voice memo from your choir leader, recapping what was covered in the session, and a couple of days later you will get another note saying what will be covered in the next session, and thus what to practise. All this means that if you miss a session or two, then you will have everything you need at your fingertips to catch up in no time. 


There will also be a voice memo recording taken at the end of each session, as a way to chart our progress as we go along and to show off to your mates in the pub the fantastic progress your choir is making. 

It is worth bearing in mind that the app is for use outside of the sessions only. No phones are to be used in the sessions as we want to maintain focus on the music and the human interaction!

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George Bell